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12StarLight : Let the romantic colours rotate to suit your paricular mood.

2The features of carbon fiber heater : Organic Carbon: People's body is made up of carbon and water,so the spectrum from carbon fiber heater is easier to be absorbed by people. Low Surface Temperature:Low surface temperature is more propitious to emit biology far infrared rays. surrounded Heater: 360°Surrounded heating make people enjoy the therapy of far infrared rays completely.No wires heater: Ultra-conductive carbon fiber heater brings more efficiency and longer life. NEW DESIGNED PROTECTOR FOR THE CARBON FIBER HEATER.


7Resistant 100% Pure Ceramic Far Infrared Heaters:It has many advantages that are energy efficient, high strength, safety and long using life. The pure ceramic tube making the wavelength of far infrared rays is closely to the human bodies own radial that can be absorbed easily. The far infrared rays 40mm deep into skins, so the recipient receives an infrared massage. This technical was created by many engineers whom chosen more than one hundred materials tested once and once.

4Soft Touch Controls:Digital controller, Digital LED display. Digital sensor, specialize design for you and the times / temperature figure indicator is very clearly. Easily to be operated. Times 0-90min, temperature 18℃-75℃(64-167oF), adjusting as you favorite. When the temperature high as you request, the heaters will automatic turn off and on periodically to maintain the desired temperature inside of it.


3CD/FM/AM Stereo :All Sauna deluxe models come with CD/FM/AM player, hooked up the stereo speakers installed in the panel of the sauna.


6Oxygen Ionizer:Ionizer Release negative ion to purify the air, Dispense natural floral fragrances to enhance people’s mood and help stimulate relaxation.


1Convenient Buckle:The coppered buckle systems provided in HotWind are easiest in the industry. With just two people you can have your sauna up and running in under twenty minutes. Without buckle :Without buckle.interior lock for a cleaner look!


5Tempered Glass Windows On Doors:Don't settle for plastic or lexan windows.All Hotwind sauna models come with tempered glass for windows.Also we use non-toxic glues(water based) for construction.


0Various Standard Plug :Different plugs to your country's power request,110V/220V/240V and so on.


13Multi-direction Magnetic Therapy system :Can activate body cells,accelerate microcirculation,facilitate metabolism,reduce ache.It is a kind of GREEN HEALTHY PHYSICAL METHOD.


14Opional color TFT TV : click here for more details ....


9Canadian Hemlock:We select hundreds years of Hemlock timber.Its natural strength,durability and resistant to decay is the best choice for sauna uses.


11Canadian Western Red Cedar:Red cedar,having the unsurpassed natural beauty,is the most durable aromatic wood.It integrates the advantages of resisting moisture,fungi and insects


153.Russian Spruce:The above wood materials pass though 5A log special arts.They are heating in a higher temperature at least,dry in the sun,removing the fat,distillation,pressure,so the planks have good stability and are not easy to deform and crack.


8Backrest :optional backrest for carbon fiber heater

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